Strengthening Your Cyber Defence & Response

We help your business become more resistant to cyber attacks, and respond more effectively when they happen.

Cyber Incident Management…

It’s an unfortunate fact that businesses face an ever-present threat of cyber attack. Being unprepared can lead to severe consequences, including financial loss, reputation damage, operational disruption, data breaches, and legal and regulatory consequences.

We define cyber incident management as the overarching process of planning, organising, and coordinating resources to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber incidents. It involves establishing policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure a proactive and targeted approach to cyber risk management.

By strategically focusing your cyber security operations on areas where you are most likely to suffer a successful cyber attack, you can maximise your resources and efforts, prioritise your defences effectively, proactively mitigate potential risks, enhance your overall security posture, and minimise the frequency and impact of cyber incidents. Don’t wait for an attack to happen. Be proactive and protect what matters most.

At Affinitas Global, we understand the importance of taking proactive measures to safeguard your business against cyber attacks. Our comprehensive Cyber Incident Management services are designed to help your organisation become more resistant to cyber threats and mitigate the impact of potential incidents.

And Response.

Fast, Effective Cyber Incident Response

If your business falls victim to cyber-attack, you will need a security partner you can trust to provide a rapid response and deal with the threat as quickly as possible.


Cybercriminals, Threat Actors and hackers are continuously evolving their methods, using ever more sophisticated technology to breach your defences and access your data. One must remember that their day job is to gain access to your Crown Jewels, client or payment information or just to find a new way to do what previously was protected against.


Dealing with cyber incidents, understanding what has happened and recovering your networks and data so you can get back to normal swiftly can be a challenge.


That is where we can help. We have unrivalled experience and expertise in the global incident response, compliance and cybersecurity arena and can help your business recover quickly from a wide range of cyber threats and attacks.

We can also carry out an in-depth forensic analysis of what happened, so you can bolster your cybersecurity defences, align your incident response, policy and procedures to prevent and adequately respond to future incidents.

Advise Validate Investigate Respond

Your First Line of Cyber Defence

When it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is better than cure. While we can provide a rapid and effective response to an ongoing cyber incident, we can also help your business strengthen its defences against common cyber threats. As your cybersecurity partner, we will act as your first line of defence to help you create an effective cybersecurity infrastructure to keep your business, your data and your reputation safe.

Our Technology Partners

Best-in-Class Technology Support

“The team at Affinitas Global have proven themselves to be extremely capable in the field of cyber incident response and management at both local and global levels. Their breadth of knowledge and experience in this field has given us peace of mind, and their solutions provide fast and accurate information that helps me to make critical decisions promptly. Their ability to translate complex scenarios and situations into everyday language that the business can understand and act upon easily is of huge value for my senior management team and me.”

Local Service, Global Reach

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