Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cybercrime is continuously evolving, threatening your customers, data, reputation and bottom line. As your cybersecurity partner, we can help you combat these threats with flexible advisory solutions that keep your business protected and compliant.

Understand and Manage Your Cyber Risk

When it comes to cybersecurity, effective strategic planning and preparation are vital to protect your business. Increasing levels of online risk and the growing implications of network and data breaches make investing in cybersecurity a business essential. However, many businesses lack the in-house resource or expertise to get the right foundations in place to build an effective cybersecurity strategy. That is where AffinitasGlobal can help. We provide strategic cybersecurity support for all your business needs.

Our Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that helps businesses of all sizes protect themselves against some of the most common cyber-attacks. We are currently in the process of gaining the necessary certifications to deliver Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation to our customers.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the international standard that sets out the specifications for implementing an information security management system. It helps the businesses that hold it to provide better assurances about they manage personal data. Our experienced consultants will guide you seamlessly through the accreditation process.

Cyber Incident Policy Support

Your cybersecurity strategy is only as robust as the processes and policies which support it. Our expert team can help you develop a robust and effective cyber incident management plan and supporting policies that include guidance on how threats are detected, reported, assessed, and responded to.

Cyber Incident Management

Good cyber incident management can reduce the impacts of a cyber-attack and protect your brand and reputation. Detecting and responding to threats quickly can help reduce downtime and disruption and keep your operations running smoothly. We will assess your current readiness and help you deal effectively with a cyber incident.

Cyber Incident Management & Response Programme

Dealing with cyber security incidents, particularly sophisticated cyber-attacks, can be a huge and complex challenge for a business of any size. We have a wealth of experience in helping businesses react to and recover from real-life hacking incidents 24/7 and improve your business’ cyber defences and resilience.

Why Affinitas Global?

We are a leading provider of specialist, rapid cyber incident response, management and consulting services. We aim to deliver peace of mind to the businesses we work with by helping them to better prepare for, respond to and mitigate the impact of cyber threats and incidents. As your cybersecurity partner, we take a proactive approach to keeping your business, networks and data safe.


We will work with you to understand your current cybersecurity provision, identify and address any weaknesses, and continually monitor and review your defences and ICT security strategy to ensure they protect your business and align with your corporate objectives. Whatever your needs, we can help your business prepare for, protect against, manage and follow up cyber incidents to prevent future attacks.

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