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We provide a wide range of specialist services across the entire cyber-attack lifecycle to help you protect your business, data and reputation.

Specialist Cybersecurity Solutions

AffinitasGlobal is often the first port of call for businesses suffering cyber-attack. While we provide a rapid response to help manage and resolve your incident, we do so much more.

Prevention is better than cure.

As your security partner, we will collaborate with you to provide proactive solutions at every stage of the cyber-attack lifestyle to keep your business safe and protect it against existing and emerging threats. 

Whether you are looking for advice about your current cybersecurity provision and how you can improve your defences, emergency support in responding to a cyber incident, or help to investigate a breach and uncover its causes, give us a call.

Our specialist cybersecurity services include:



Effective strategic planning to help your business protect itself against cyber-attack is essential. We will help you understand your current cybersecurity position and how to improve your defences.


Your cyber defences are only as strong as the weakest links in the chain, so regular stress-testing is vital. We will evaluate your existing cybersecurity for effectiveness and strengthen any weak spots.


We have a wealth of experience investigating a wide variety of cyber-attacks and security incidents. If you have been hit by a cyber-attack, we will discover the root cause to help prevent further breaches.


If you are suffering a cyber-attack, you will need a rapid response to eliminate the threat. Our emergency response team uses expertise and cutting-edge tools to resolve incidents quickly.

Why Affinitas Global?

We are a leading provider of specialist, rapid cyber incident response, management and consulting services. We aim to deliver peace of mind to the businesses we work with by helping them to better prepare for, respond to and mitigate the impact of cyber threats and incidents.

As your cybersecurity partner, we take a proactive approach to keeping your business, networks and data safe. We will work with you to understand your current cybersecurity provision, identify and address any weaknesses, and continually monitor and review your defences and ICT security strategy to ensure they protect your business and align with your corporate objectives.

Whatever your needs, we can help your business prepare for, protect against, manage and follow up cyber incidents to prevent future attacks.

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