Professional Guidance at a Fraction of the Cost

Virtual CISO

Tap into on-demand CISO expertise
Get immediate strategic support
Uncover your security blind spots  

What a vCISO can do for you

Our vCISOs are seasoned professionals with backgrounds in high-security environments. They bring proven strategies and real-world insights to protect your organisation. Partner with us for on-demand CISO guidance without the expense of a lengthy hiring process.

Assess Security Risks

Conduct vulnerability assessments and identify potential threats.

Develop Security Strategies

Create and implement plans to improve an organisation's security posture.

Manage Compliance

Ensure adherence to industry-specific standards including ISO27001, NIST CSF.

Build Incident Response Plans

Prepare for and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks.

Provide Executive Level Advice

Guide leadership on best practices and strategic cybersecurity decisions.

Do you need a vCISO?

Review the challenges and solutions below to see whether a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is right for you.

Could your business respond to a cyberattack?

Are you confident in your resilience strategy? Get answers and peace of mind with our FREE security assessment.


An ideal vCISO possesses credibility, a proven track record in cybersecurity, and excellent communication skills. They are strategic thinkers who can explain complex issues and collaborate effectively. Additionally, a good vCISO is business-minded, understanding your priorities, and adaptable, staying up-to-date on emerging cybersecurity trends.

Similar to a traditional CISO, they provide guidance, lead and manage security operations, and ensure compliance – safeguarding your organisation.

Yes. We assign a dedicated vCISO to understand your business preference. Our line is always open for a consultation to cater your needs.

Yes. We are open to flexible options, typically including 1 day per month on-site, depending on your needs.

Pricing depends on your company’s size and complexity. Our vCISO service typically ranges from £1,500-£5,000 per month, offering significant savings compared to a full-time CISO.

Why Affinitas Global?

Top-Tier Expertise

Secure your organisation with the knowledge of seasoned cybersecurity professionals who have honed their skills defending FTSE 100 companies and high-security government agencies.

Personalised Approach

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. We understand your unique needs and tailor a cybersecurity strategy that aligns with your business objectives and existing IT infrastructure.

Customer-Centric Results

Our proven track record of consistently high customer satisfaction demonstrates our commitment to delivering value and exceeding expectations.

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